August at BFDC...

Ah, the dog days. Nuthin' to do but lie back, sip an ice-cold lemonade, and dream of — What? What's that, you say? Book fairs in Colorado, Virginia, Arkansas, Vermont, Ohio, Connecticut, Maryland, AND Georgia? Hold the lemonade! We're thinkin': Road trip!

Brooklyn Book Fair

It's hard to imagine right now, but the first hint of fall is right around the corner; the surest sign is that it's almost BROOKLYN BOOK FAIR time again! Top dealers from around the country (and the world) will be heading to Greenpoint, where they'll rub shoulders with established collectors and bohemian hipsters alike.

2019 Antiquarian A

Guest blogger Nancy Johnson of Nancy Johnson Events LLC tells all about the history of the San Francisco Book, Print, & Paper Fair™, and its storied Antiquarian "A"


It's early days, but never too soon to start getting excited about CODEX! It comes but once every two years, and is hard to describe — it's more than a book fair, more than a conference: It's a celebration, filled with color and light and an energy that will renew your faith in the enduring power of the hand-made book... start salivating now!