July at BFDC...

It is with a heavy heart that we join our voice in marking the passage of Bill Reese, bookseller. "Towering," "Irreplaceable," "Possessed of breathtaking knowledge," "The greatest Americanist of our time" are only a few of the accolades pouring in from all sides. To this we can only add, he will be missed.


You're at a book fair. You think you've spotted a steal. You whip out your phone to check online. Rats! No hits! Now what? Heigh-yo, Silver! ABPC rides to the rescue! Auction records culled by real people — and, for when you're really stuck, real people who (cheerfully) answer the phone, too!

Bill Reese

Rest in Peace


It's early days, but never too soon to start getting excited about CODEX! It comes but once every two years, and is hard to describe — it's more than a book fair, more than a conference: It's a celebration, filled with color and light and an energy that will renew your faith in the enduring power of the hand-made book... start salivating now!