November and December at BFDC...

A Flurry of Activity in November followed by a new(ish) holiday tradition in two of our favorite places, Northampton, Mass. and Brooklyn the first weekend in December! But we're getting ahead of ourselves: First up...


Appearing for the first time on the international stage, the "Book Artists of Kyoto" will be presenting a wide variety of works at their table in the "Cultural Row" at the Boston Book Fair in November. Stop by to see what's happening in the world of contemporary Japanese book arts, from the political to the poetical!

Willie B.

Featured object of the month! A memorial broadside in celebration of the life of — wait for it — Willie the Gorilla! (Courtesy of David A. Hamilton Americana Books)

Faenwyl Bindery

Spoiler alert: We here at BFDC love books, prints, paper, ephemera! But sometimes they need some tender loving care. When they do, we trust Cara Schlesinger at the Fænwyl Bindery to make them all better — her work, from paper repair to bespoke rebindings, is top-notch (and beautiful, too!).

2019 Antiquarian A

Guest blogger Nancy Johnson of Nancy Johnson Events LLC tells all about the history of the San Francisco Book, Print, & Paper Fair®, and its storied Antiquarian "A".